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A fence around your property can help you feel more protected and private. While there are many options for fencing materials, any of them can give you the privacy and security you need to lead your everyday life. What if the fences you’ve relied on for so long suddenly break down? Relax; we’ll see you through this.

We have been repairing fences in Ridgefield, Connecticut, for two decades, and we are the best fence company in Ridgefield. Since we’re a small company run by a family, we’ll treat your broken fence as if it was our own. In no time, we will have your fences operating as they did when we first installed them.

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Our Fence Repair Process

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As soon as you call to schedule an appointment with us, we'll go to work on getting everything set up. We'll cover everything you need to know about repairing your fence, from the estimated cost to the specifics of what has to be repaired and how long it will take.

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After reviewing the details of your fence repair project, we'll get down with you to go over the specifics of the estimate. You can count on us to discuss things like the price of materials, the cost of labor, and the dimensions of your fences.

Start the Repairs!

When you're ready to begin working with us formally, our fence repair experts will be dispatched to your location to get the job done. We'll see to it that all of the issues with your fence are fixed. We will leave you with a fence that is both mended and ready to give you with the highest level of privacy and security possible.

Fence Repair in Ridgefield, CT

The top fence company in Ridgefield, CT is Ridgefield’s Best Fence Company. No matter how badly your fences are damaged, we can provide you with free estimates to fix them. Our professional opinion on whether or not your fence needs to be replaced will save you time and money. Whether it be the rails, the posts, or the bases, we can fix it all. Fix your fences up and get in contact with us today!

Some of the Fence Repair Services We Offer:

Wood Rot

At Ridgefield’s Best Fence Company, we have the tools and knowledge to fix damaged wood, especially rotting wood. We can also fix patches and replace boards that are broken. We can also use services like chemically sealing, staining, and painting to fix wood.

Pole Replacements

We can make the fence last even longer by replacing a few poles instead of fixing the whole thing. Ridgefield’s Best Fence Company will do everything possible to ensure your fence poles are replaced correctly. Before installation, we’ll take the proper measurements and evaluate the ground.

Holes & Cracks

Fences often get holes and cracks, which can happen for several reasons. You should immediately hire a fence contractor if your wood, vinyl, chain link, or aluminum fence has any problems.

Missing Boards & Collapsed Sections

Our fence repair experts can also fix missing broken sections and boards. We’ll mend your fences depending on the type of fence and the length of the boards, to name a few. We’ll take care of those damages professionally and give you a

How Much Is a Fence Repair?

The average cost of fencing in Connecticut is about $2,430, but this can go up or down depending on a few factors. Some of the most important things that affect how much it costs to fix a fence in Connecticut are:

Repairing a fence in Ridgefield, CT, can be a big expense, so you need to find a contractor who can work with your budget. Here in Ridgefield, CT, we offer our services at prices that are fair and affordable, so you can be sure that you’re getting good work at the best price. If you also need a tree service in Dunwoody, you may contact Trucare Emergency Tree Service Dunwoody.

Affordable Fence Repair in Ridgefield, CT

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Don’t bother Googling “fence contractors near me” if your fences are in need of repair; we’ve got you covered. We are the most dependable and reasonably priced fence company in Ridgefield. Let us handle the fence repair while you kick back and take it easy.

We are properly licensed and insured and meet the criteria for accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. Our fencing repair services in Ridgefield, CT, and the surrounding area are second to none.

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